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Elixir Oil is a Pre-Wash Treatment Oil formulated with organically crafted and sustainably sourced oils gathered from around the world, and hand-made in small batches in our laboratory in Los Angeles. All the oils in Elixir Oil have been used for centuries for their powerful medicinal, cosmetic and aromatherapy properties. We use Amaranth Seed Oil from India as the base carrier oil for a variety of reasons including: it penetrates deeply into the skin tissue quickly without feeling greasy, and helps transport other oils that might not penetrate as easily on their own; it’s the plant with the highest amount of Squalene a natural skin identical chemical that imparts ant-aging, anti-inflammatory, and anti-oxidant properties in addition to forming a protective barrier to aid moisture retention; high quality protein and 8 amino acids, most notably lysine, which has proven to support hair growth and prevent hair loss; its nutrient –dense composition and high vitamin content give it excellent skin regeneration properties which are especially important for those suffering from scalp conditions such as dermatitis, psoriasis, and eczema; and it naturally helps increase hair strength, elasticity, and consistently restore shine to dull, damaged, and devitalized hair.

To this exquisite base oil we add four other hair and scalp oils: Himalayan Cedarwood Oil from India, sacred in Hinduism, its Sanskrit name literally means “Timber of the Gods” and it is a powerful cleanser in removing lodged toxins in the hair and scalp and stimulating the follicles for growth; Clary Sage Oil from France with high amounts of linalyl acetate and other compounds which reduces scalp inflammations, regulates oil production on the skin, and improves hair growth by stimulating the follicles; Rosemary Oil from Spain, studies have proven it improves both hair thickness and hair growth, based on its ability to improve cellular generation by boosting circulation and increasing blood flow as well as combating fungi and bacteria infections, which caused hair loss from an unhealthy scalp; and Peppermint Oil from the US which contains menthol a vasodilator that can improve hair growth and prevent hair loss by increasing blood flow and the deliverance of nutrients and oxygen vital for hair growth.

It is these powerful and purposeful oils that make Elixir Oil a perfect Pre-Wash Treatment Oil and for healing use in the beard and on the skin in other affected areas.

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To learn more about all our potent ingredients go to our Ingredient Glossary.