Meet Julian Neil, Traditional Naturopath
and Founder, Neil Naturopathic
Long before people understood the meaning of ‘living healthy’ or the ‘mind-body’ connection,’ Julian Neil was discovering innovative new paths in the science of natural healing. His work in the field of Naturopathy is more than a profession, it’s a calling. With over thirty years in practice, Julian Neil is recognized as a leading authority in his field. Today he travels the world educating students and other professionals, while researching exotic raw materials for Neil Naturopathic.
The Inspiration to Create Hair Care 100% From Nature
Julian's journey into naturopathic products began with the development of hair care formulas for his cancer patients. With weak and compromised immune systems, his patients required hair care formulated without toxins and chemicals, but there were none available. Working as a Traditional Naturopath, he formulated the first therapeutic hair and scalp tonics by hand in his workshop. The formulas were exactly what was required... chemical- and toxin-free hair care, made 100% from nature. The feedback was resoundingly positive. His patients saw their scalp issues resolve and their hair become stronger, thicker, shinier, and full of life. Word spread and so did requests for the formulas. This was the motivation to create Neil Naturopathic, along with his belief that everyone deserves to have products that are pure, safe, and effective.
Introducing Neil Naturopathic,
Tonics for Healthy Hair & Scalp
Julian Neil brings his depth of knowledge and years of experience in hair care, with a new generation of naturopathic hair and scalp tonics developed for modern life.
“The hair is an electro-magnet band that functions like a broom collecting pollution, dust, oil, sweat, and exfoliated skin, that stays trapped on the scalp and coating the hair… Neil Naturopathic treats the entire head of hair, starting at the hair root and scalp and extending to the entire shaft.”

“The richer and more nourished the soil in the garden, the stronger the root, and healthier the plant. The same is true when it comes to treating both hair and scalp. Without the proper nourishment and care, both will suffer.”

Using Neil Naturopathic Tonics for Healthy Hair & Scalp on a daily basis helps clean and heal the scalp creating a healthy microbiome, feeding the roots, and making hair flourish, shine and be truly full of life.