Change your Life with Contrary Action

We make thousands of choices a day. Some choices feel completely conscious, but many are unconscious.

Unconscious thoughts drive us based on things like our belief systems, past traumas, love attachments, and the need to protect ourselves.

One of the reasons I believe many people don’t have everything they want in life is because of unconscious resistance. The basis of my Holistic practice is to remove unconscious resistance which manifests as daily habits and thought patterns entwined within the physical, emotional, and spiritual (energetic) planes of our lives.

Of course becoming aware of and recognizing which habits and belief systems these are is vital, but these detrimental habits and thought patterns often run our lives and compel our choices despite our desires or our ability to stop them.

The most powerful skill to overcome unconscious resistance is “contrary action.” Contrary action is the ability to take actions which are in your best interest (and hopefully the best interest of others) despite overwhelming thoughts and overwhelming feelings to do the opposite. (This resistance is our unconcious trying to keep us in the "familiar" b/c it perceives that as safer than the unknown.)

As with all skills, contrary action is a practice. One of the best ways to practice this is to meditate. There are many ways to meditate, but simply by quietly sitting still and allowing all our thoughts, feelings, and sensations to be totally present, and while all that is happening, we resist any movement and train our focus to be on our breath, a mantra or any other specific concentration,. By doing this we begin to train the mind. By resisting any thoughts, or movements other than just our chosen focus, and by continually bringing our mind back to that focus if distracted, we begin to practice the skill of contrary action.

Practicing this for even a few minutes a day gives us the experience of contrary action and the beginning of the ability to overcome our unconscious resistance. When we can extend that focus and concentration into our lives to support our optimum health, we can overcome any unconscious resistance, and establish the new beliefs systems habits and thought patterns, to make the choices which ensure the future health of our body, our mind, and our spirit.

You are sacred. You are divine. You are loved.