Been getting lot of comments on my hair - fuller, thicker.
Yer shit must be working.
Bill Maher, verified customer, comedian and television host

I love Neil Naturopathic. I feel like I am washing my hair with a forest! I can feel the herbs nourishing my scalp and oils feeding my hair. I love the earthy smell and the fact that there are no toxins. There's a tingling alive feeling to using Neil Naturopathic.
Maryam Henein, verified customer,
Director of Vanishing of the Bees and HoneyColony

I have been blessed to have access for my patients, recommend and use this MOST therapeutic shampoo for my patients since Dr. Neil created it a number of years ago. You rarely see me give a testimonial but I am delighted to bring to the public’s attention what is excellent, nontoxic and THERAPEUTIC.
Julia T. Hunter, M.D, Wholistic Dermatology

My son has had ringworm for almost a year and within 3 weeks of using Neil Naturopathic Root & Scalp Formula it’s gone! We’ve been trying almost everything, and this was it and so quickly. Our son also had developed a half-dollar sized bald spot which lasted for months, until we started using the therapeutic formula. All the hair has since grown back, and you’d never know there had been a scalp issue.
I really cannot recommend Neil Naturopathic highly enough! It deserves promotion. Big time.
Amy L., verified customer

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let nature heal


Everything in Neil Naturopathic products have a purpose. And the smell comes from the highest grade essential oils. These products have been tested on people of all hair colors – including blondest blondes - and will not impact or alter hair color.

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clean your hair like never before

Neil Naturopathic is very different to anything you have ever used before. If you have been using deep treatment conditioners with your regular shampoo you will find our conditioners very, very different as Neil Naturopathic conditioners are absorbed by the hair, rather than just sitting on top. Neil Naturopathic is the reverse of how you have been washing your hair...

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Root & Scalp Formula

cleanse & Revive your scalp biome

You probably know about your gut microbiome. And your skin’s microbiome. But your scalp also has its own, very unique microbiome. Unique because your hair and scalp play an important role in protecting you by expelling toxins, bad bacteria and fungi, perspiration, dead skin cells, and other debris from your scalp; while your hair acts like a natural air filter, catching whatever’s in your environment, protecting you from absorbing this through your skin or lungs. All of this means your scalp biome needs to be in balance to help keep you safe and healthy, as well as feeling and looking your best.


Julian Neil, Founder

What you don't know about your hair & Scalp

commitment to purity

FAITH in our product comes from TRUST in the integrity of our ingredients, which enables you to BELIEVE in their efficacy. Our products are a holistic synergy of naturopathic ingredients and sourced from all over the world for their detoxifying and nourishing properties. The formulas are 100% from Nature giving them a unique look and feel. With consistent use, your scalp will be restored to its naturally healthy state, with hair that’s flourishing, shiny and full of life. Neil Naturopathic formulas are free of synthetic chemicals, sulfates, gluten, parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde donors, dyes, fragrances, and preservatives. If an ingredient doesn’t meet our criteria, we simply won’t use it. And be assured, we never test on animals.

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