Do I need to use Neil Naturopathic differently to regular shampoo and conditioner?

Neil Naturopathic is very different to anything you have ever used before. If you have been using deep treatment conditioners with your regular shampoo you will find our conditioners very, very different as Neil Naturopathic conditioners are absorbed by the hair, rather than just sitting on top. Neil Naturopathic is the reverse of how you have been washing your hair. Normally a quick shampoo and a longer conditioning time, it is now a longer shampoo and a quick condition. With Neil Naturopathic shampoos you massage a silver dollar size portion into the crown of your scalp, adding a little water, continuing massaging making sure your hair is entirely covered allow to stay on the head as long as possible (3-5mins) letting the nutrients work and give one last massage as you rinse out. Using our conditioners more like a shampoo, massage a good silver dollar size amount of either one of our conditioners, gently fingering the product through your hair, making sure every strand is coated, keeping on for 1-2mins before giving a gentle rinse and don’t worry about washing out the conditioner completely – leave just a little in as it will continue to absorb as the hair dries. Sometimes removing the build up of past use shampoos and conditioners takes a little time, but we encourage you to keep using as these products as they are 100% natural and alive, literally food for your scalp. Please keep in touch and let us know how you go.

Is it necessary to continue using Neil Naturopathics after starting to use these products?
We have found an immediate difference in the way the hair feels when using an all natural product. Neil Naturopathics has an accumulative effect, so that more you use it, the more your hair and scalp respond, balancing the scalp biome, providing food for the hair and ending up with hair that feels lighter and has more body. Scalp irritations disappears, the need for conditioner lessens, hair returns to a natural state. We recommend continued use to experience full on-going benefits.

What about conditioner?
Everybody loves conditioner. It’s hard to to give it up. That’s why we developed Neil Naturopathics Conditioners, as a way of adding a small amount of conditioner. These elixirs enhance the conditioning process of Neil Naturopathic and will not overpower the hair, unlike mainstream conditioners which can clog and flatten hair. Be warned: our conditioners are different. It’s part of keeping our products as natural as possible - no synthetic or unnatural dyes are added, and the consistency is real.

Why is Neil Naturopathic the color it is and will it affect my natural or dyed hair color?
It’s the all natural ingredients — everything in Neil Naturopathic products have a purpose. And the smell comes from the highest grade essential oils. These products have been tested on people of all hair colors – including blondest blondes - and will not impact or alter hair color. There are no ingredients that will affect colored hair in Neil Naturopathic. 

Can I use the shampoos as a hair mask?
Yes! Leave them on for 20-30mins under a shower cap. The Finishing Formula conditioner can also be left in and used as a styling creme.

Why is the Neil Naturopathic hair care system better than regular shampoo?
Better is very personal, but we have seen how much better the hair responds when the scalp is fed and the scalp biome rejuvenated rather than being stripped away — which is what regular shampoos do.

Is there a guarantee of 100% satisfaction?
If you are unhappy with any of your Neil Naturopathic purchases, please know that we stand behind our product and will offer a money back guarantee. Please have a look at our returns policy for further details on how to action this. 

Are Neil Naturopathic Shampoo and Conditioners safe for use during pregnancy?
All Neil Naturopathic products are absolutely safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding.  Our founder and CEO of Neil Natruopathics, was the Director of Health for almost 19 years of an international child development organization. The products were actually created for cancer patients and special needs children who could not use regular commercial hair products because of their toxicity. Further, our clients who are pregnant or have used our products through giving birth, have found them to be a game changer.  Occasionally, the body will utilize nutrients available to grow a newborn, and need to take them directly from the hair, bones and teeth of the host. They sometimes can then suffer hair loss.  Our experience is, Neil Naturopathic products have enabled all of them, even those who HAVE suffered loss, to have hair that is stronger, thicker, fuller and more luxurious than prior to their pregnancy.

Our Packaging:
We don’t want to use plastic, but it is difficult as a small company to find purposeful packaging solutions that are plastic free, but we are on the hunt talking with companies that make a hemp plastic packaging that can hold up to the essential oils in our formulations. Please know that we are trying and on our next production run we hope to have a much more earth friendly packaging available to you.

What’s with the white plastic lids?
White plastic can be recycled and made into other products. Black plastic can’t. We chose the white lids in all of our products for this reason.