Neil Naturopathic Hair Care Protocol

Neil Naturopathic products are predicated on the principle of Nature that hair is alive and part of the body the same as the eyes and the same as the teeth. And just like the teeth, when the hair dies it is irreplaceable. Hair has its roots in the blood and scalp the same way our teeth have their roots in the gum and jaw. Every hair has a hair-bed that sits in the skin with a bulb at the end of the hair root itself, which draws its nutrition directly from the blood. In order to grow a flourishing vibrant plant we need to give it a balanced ratio of good soil, nutrients, water, and sunshine and when you see a plant deprived of that attention and care, it begins to deteriorate. The hair requires the same nurturing, nutrition, and care as the plant and when the hair starts to deteriorate it’s a symbol that the whole body is deteriorating. In order to develop hair that is vibrant, flourishing and full of life we need to follow a protocol that provides the necessary components of that care.

Neil Naturopathic products are designed and formulated to follow the blood’s principle of healing and growth. That principle states that in order to keep every cell healthy and thriving the blood needs to do 4 things: bring fresh oxygen; bring fresh hydration (water); bring fresh nutrients; and remove the waste. Often when healing the hair and scalp we have to make sure we are removing the waste first. The scalp is part of the skin, which is the body’s third and largest elimination system. When toxins cannot exit the first two channels (bowel and kidney) properly, they will next exit through the skin and scalp. Scalp issues, while topical, are often based upon toxic release that did not exit the body through the first two channels of the bowel and kidney. Further, the skin is like a sponge and an essential oil placed on the ankle will appear in a hair analysis 20 minutes later. The scalp and hair both absorb toxins from the environment, and excrete toxins daily. Therefore, all our products are designed to heal the scalp and grow the hair by: stimulating fresh blood and oxygen to the hair and scalp; by providing the fresh nutrients necessary for health and growth; by providing proper moisture and hydration; and by removing the waste.

In order to maximize the use of our products we have designed The Neil Naturopathic Healthy Hair Protocol and recommend that it be followed daily.

1. Use Neil Naturopathic sandalwood Scalp Massager across the entire head to stimulate the acupressure points on the head by bringing fresh blood to the hair bed and root and to begin to remove toxic buildup from the environment, from product, or from hardened sebum, etc.

2. Follow with 8-10 drops of Neil Naturopathic Elixir Oil, a naturopathic blend of amaranth seed oil, as the base oil blended with four other essential oils, and place them around the scalp. Gently rub the oil into the areas, further dissolving toxic build-up, hydrating and moisturizing the scalp, providing healing nutrients, and stimulating the follicles for growth.

3. Follow with Neil Naturopathic Root & Scalp Shampoo or Acceleration Shampoo formulated to treat the scalp, the root and the follicle itself. All of our botanical ingredients are purposeful and nutritive; many have been used for centuries for their medicinal and cosmetic purposes, often revered in sacred ceremonies. The plant-based surfactants are gentle enough to be used daily, but powerful enough to truly cleanse. We recommend the Root & Scalp Formula for those who suffer from any scalp issues, and the Acceleration Formula for those without any scalp issues who want maximum growth and retention. The shampoos are formulated to be left on when showering for at least a minute or two to allow maximum absorption of the nutrients and removal of the waste, and then rinsed out. Either shampoo can be used as a hair mask either for scalp issues or for growth, and kept on for a half hour, then rinsed out.

4. Follow with Neil Naturopathic Restorative Formula or Lightweight Conditioners. The Restorative Formula is designed for normal and color treated hair, while the Lightweight Conditioner is for thin or fine hair and is also a Finishing Formula to be used as a leave-in styling cream. The conditioners are designed to be left on the hair and scalp for a minute or two for maximum absorption. For those with color treated hair or who have severely damaged and devitalized hair we often recommend shampooing with our conditioners first to allow the hair to regain some vitality and be brought back to life.

5. Follow with 6-8 drops of Neil Naturopathic Potion Oil, a naturopathic blend of Argan Oil and four other essential oils, added to wet or styled hair for extra conditioning or to smooth frizz and seal split ends.

6. Comb through the wet hair with Neil Naturopathic’s wide-toothed Bamboo Comb that allows the hair to be detangled without breaking, reinforcing the hair’s elasticity and luster. The wood prevents negative ions, which cause static, frizz, and damage the hair. It eliminates dirt and impurities from the hair, which don’t cling to wood. A wide-toothed wooden comb allows the most efficient distribution of your natural sebum from your scalp, through the strands, to the tips, leaving it naturally moisturized, smooth, and glossy. We recommend never brushing wet hair.

To learn more about all the potent and powerful ingredients that comprise our formulations visit our Ingredient Glossary.