The cure for cleaning curly hair

If you have thick hair, coily hair, a lot of hair density (less space on your scalp between hair follicles, think a dense forest vs. a tree farm) we have VIP recommendations for how to truly support the health and beauty of your scalp and hair.

Thicker and more dense hair has more weight and less airflow. These factors create a greater chance to be a breeding ground for scalp issues like:

➢ Itchiness
➢ dryness
➢ dandruff
➢ oiliness
➢ eczema
➢ psoriasis
➢ toxin absorption
➢ bad bacteria colonizing
➢ fungal infections

Because of these realities, it's very important to use products that can effectively get to the scalp and root and BALANCE the scalp in a way that supports the body's natural processes of: detoxifying, oxygenating, nutrient delivery, and blood circulation.

Our recommendation is to do the following:
Completely coat the full scalp and all of your hair with both our shampoo and conditioner. Leave each on for at least 2-3 min or use both as masks for longer.

If you have normal to thick hair with a healthy scalp we specifically recommend:
Use the Acceleration Formula Shampoo 6x for every 1 use of our Root and Scalp Formula Shampoo. This will deliver the greatest support to your scalp and hair while keeping it protected from the issues above.

If you have any of the issues above we recommend using our Root & Scalp Formula until the scalp issues have healed and resolved and then slowly transitioning to the 6:1 ratio above.

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