Healthy Hair Activiation | Day 6

Founder Julian Neil:

In seeking proper care of our hair we must remember that our hair is functional as well as ornamental. The hair is a receptor not only sweeping the air around us to protect the head, ears, nose and mouth by stopping air-born toxins and pathogens, it works to keep us magnetically balanced.

I often say that hair is an extension of the nervous system, because it contains and holds the greatest amount of silicon in our body, and silicon is the “feeling” element, responsible for our nerves to transmit all our messages through the spine.

So while there are no nerves actually in the hair shaft itself, the hair root is connected with the blood and nerves of the head and scalp. Further, when the hair turns grey, becomes brittle, or worse dies, it is a signal the person is not eating and getting the proper chemical elements or they are burning them up too fast. This is why a breakdown of the nervous system will cause the hair to thin and fall out, and stress and worry need to be avoided.

This is why, when it comes to hair, we need to focus on the whole human, and ways to combat stress and support our hair health from the inside out.