Healthy Hair Activation | Day 1

Welcome to 2 weeks of self care that will help you get healthy from the inside out and will help your hair in the process!

When it comes to health circulation, nutrition, and attitude are essential.

Circulation gets things where they need to go! If you get the fresh blood flowing to the scalp, you'll be bringing vital oxygen and nutrients to help nourish the root of the hair which will result in stronger, longer, shinier, bouncier, more elastic hair.

Nutrition makes sure that what's circulating is the right stuff.

Attitude helps keep things able to move properly. It has to do with how we engage in our lives. If you're too stressed for example, that blood flow isn't going to circulate everywhere it needs to go.

Today we start with circulation. It's the thing you can get moving the most quickly to see immediate benefits and results.

Let's start here: heat and cold!

Heat brings fresh blood to the surface. Cold pushes the blood back into the body and that allows fresh blood to surface. Both will help bring in oxygen and nutrients.

You can do this in the shower with hot and cold water if your shower temperature is responsive. Alternate hot and cold water on the scalp for 30 seconds each. Do this 6-8 times.

Hot and cold packs also work - alternating every 30 seconds 6-8x. And even better if you can get your scalp low to get gravity doing the work. A slant board or inversion table is great for this, but you can also fashion something at home with cushions and pillows too.

Getting this fresh blood flow to your scalp is basically like fertilizing your garden with the best fertilizer ever!