The Wonders of Palmarosa Oil!

Do you know... Palmarosa Oil? This lesser-known essential oil is such a wonderful, holistic, natural powerhouse of support, healing, and full of BENEFITS!

What Palmarosa Oil can do:
Property: Rich in linalool & limonene.
⭐Benefit: Healthy, strong hair!!! Part of this is the linalool & limonene helping remove excess oil and dead skin cells, which supports more nourishment getting in at the roots, which means stronger, more elastic strands.

Property: Vitamin E & limonene, reducing 5 alpha-reductase, commonly found in men experiencing hair loss b/c when testosterone reaches the hair roots it converts into this blocking nutrient absorption & growth.
⭐Benefit: Preventing hair loss & encouraging hair growth. Limonene is a strong inhibitor of 5 alpha-reductase, keeping the roots clear from blockages, allowing the Vitamin E to absorb from the root.

Property: Oil/sebum regulation
⭐Benefit: Massaged into the scalp, it conditions and regulates/balances oil production, so your scalp will feel fresh & your hair will have more volume without being dried out or frizzy.

Property: Natural antiseptic & natural antibacterial
⭐Benefit: So good if your scalp has wounds or skin irritations. It also helps keep any sort of unwanted germs at bay from your hair, scalp and face (where you breathe...)

Property: Strong, natural febrifuge, which means fever reducer.
⭐Benefit: Cooling, soothing inflammed scalps.

Property: Aromatheraputic powerhouse
⭐Benefit: Reduces stress, eases anxiety & depression, helps the nervous system slow down to rest & recover. A 2014 study showed decresased total cholesterol & liver toxicity prevention. A 2017 study found that it might prevent the development of Alzheimer’s & dementia too.

Who should use palmarosa oil in their hair care routine? It's great for everyone, particularly:
⭐Those with hormone-related hair loss
⭐Curly-haired folks
⭐Dandruff and scalp-irritation sufferers

Side benefit - it's a great, natural pest repellant. So if you start noticing fewer 🦟🕷️🦟 bugging you... it might be the palmarosa oil from your Neil Naturopathic Lightweight Conditioner Finishing Formula! 🙌😂🙌