Healthy Hair Activation | Day 3

When it comes to healthy hair stress from the inside and the outside are both damaging.

Stress inside really does cause gray hair and hair loss because when your body is stressed it runs on overdrive. It burns nutrients and minerals faster than you can replace them. It affects your circulation, sending blood other places than the scalp, which literally causes gray hair and hair loss (ever notice how almost every president is MUCH grayer at the end of their term than the beginning?).

Stress outside from excessive acids and alkalines (bleach & dye + non-natural product) take your hair out of balance, stripping it of silicon, minerals and nutrients. Hair literally turns gray b/c of lack of mineralization! Silicon is what communicates to the spinal column, strip your hair of it and more than your hair can be thrown off balance.

When you're not well, you can't take in as much nutrition as when you're healthy. The same goes for hair. Chemically treated hair, hair with tons of product building up seals off the natural oils, nutrients and minerals from reaching your hair shaft. And can often clog your scalp and suffocate your hair roots.

But using products that are 100% from nature and designed to heal, remove build up and debris, and provide the essential nutrients to be absorbed into the hair, root, and scalp without coating, we can yield results that feel good inside and out.