According to historical records, the ancient Chinese used hempseed oil for its medicinal and cosmetic properties as well as its culinary properties.  Medicinally, Hemp seed oil has been used for its anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-septic, and antioxidant properties. Hempseed oil is nature’s miracle for the perfect balance of the essential fatty acids Omega’s 3, 6, 9 that serve as some of the body’s most important regulatory agents. Cosmetically, Omega oils are known and proven to improve hydration, regulate skin’s oil production, subdue skin eruptions and wounds, minimize signs of aging, reduce inflammation, while also stimulating thicker, longer, stronger and more elastic hair.  Omega’s can help soften rough, dry skin and have soothing effects on irritation and dermatitis. Studies have shown the efficacy of adding hempseed oil to the diet, to treat many skin difficulties *8 , those same benefits are true when we use the oil topically. The oil contains the crucial fatty acids and vitamins that help provide additional skin protection and promote faster cell regeneration. Hempseed oil makes the skin feel supple as opposed to tight and natural and smooth as opposed to oily. Hempseed oil has the omega 6 of gamma-linolenic acid as well as linolenic acid known for its anti-inflammatory properties, and supporting the growth of healthier and stronger hair. The Stearic acid in hempseed oil has exceptional cleansing properties that purge dirt, perspiration, and hardened sebum from the hair and scalp, while the conditioning properties protect the hair from damage without diminishing luster.  Hempseed oil also contains palmitic acid, which is the most common fatty acid known for it’s emollient properties to aid in moisturizing the hair and scalp.