Citric Acid

Citric acid is an organic acid, which is found in all citrus fruits and is rich in many bioactive nutrients, including calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, vitamin C, vitamin B, pectin, and flavonoids each of which is beneficial for hair growth.  The high vitamin C improves collagen production, which makes the hair grow.  Citric acid stimulates hair follicles by further improving blood circulation in the scalp promoting growth and preventing hair follicles from getting loose thus reducing hair fall.  Citric acid also exhibits antioxidant properties, which is very effective in strengthening hair follicles by preventing breakage and thinning.  Citric acid is also an excellent conditioner for the hair.  Citric acid is known to balance the pH levels of your scalp and create an anti-bacterial, anti fungal, anti-microbial environment.  Further, Citric acid is very effective in eradicating certain fungus, bacteria, and viruses.  Citric acid is also known as Salt Acid and is also found in our bodies in the form of body fluid.  This acid when applied to the hair helps make it soft, silky, and glossy.   Citric acid is also used as an exfoliator by helping remove the dead skin cells, which clog pores.  Citric acid also is known to remove excess oil or sebum from the scalp helping to reduce the buildup on scalp and hair.  The esters formed from Citric acid creates a thin protective coating over the strands which prevents moisture loss and keeps the strands hydrated and glossy.