Cedarwood Oil

Our organically crafted sustainably sourced, Himalayan Cedarwood Oil is steam distilled from the striking, rich wood of Cedrus deodara trees harvestred wild in the forests of India and specially aged to heighten the therapeutic components.  The name “deodara” evolved from the Sanskrit word ‘devaduru’ that translates to “timber of the Gods” and thus the Himalyan Cedar is regarded as a sacred tree in Hinduism.  The sturdy, invulnerable Cedarwood deodara trees have been thought to be indestructible for centuries.   These massive trees have not only survived, but managed to thrive for hundreds of years with an entire ecosystem supported beneath their feet and in their airy upper levels.

Himalayan Cedarwood oil has been used in medicines, cosmetics and aromatherapy throughout the ages. This essential oil aids the scalp with its anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties and an affinity to remove lodged toxins, hardened sebum, and scurf.  Himalayan Cerdarwood Oil is both a good scalp cleanser and hair stimulator.  Cedarwood Oil brings fresh blood and oxygen to stimulate the hair follicles and promote growth.  Emotionally and energetically, this aromatic essential oil supports an overtaxed nervous system, is incredibly stabilizing during stressful transitions, and supports healthy lungs and promotes clear breathing.