I have been blessed to have access for my patients, recommend and use this MOST therapeutic shampoo for my patients since Dr. Neil created it a number of years ago.

I prescribe this shampoo for my patients with Seborrheic Dermatitis, plaque psoriasis and eczematous plaques in their hair and psoriasis and ezcema on their faces and necks and body skin and in my experience no pharmaceutical that I can prescribe works better in resolving the multitude of symptoms and CERTAINLY NOTHING can do so nontoxically.

I energetically recommend this product as Physician strength therapy.

I also recommend this for stimulating damaged hair follicles as we often need everything available to stimulate along with treating other internal causes.

Try for yourself and experience show me don’t tell me and remember that nothing in and on the body is cured overnight as none of us have a magic wand despite we are always looking for it and the body just does not work especially the skin, with an overnight cure.

You rarely see me give a testimonial but I am delighted to bring to the public’s attention what is excellent, nontoxic and THERAPEUTIC.

~ Julia T. Hunter, M.D, Wholistic Dermatology



I love Neil Naturopathic. I feel like I am washing my hair with a forest! Most shampoos and conditioners are filled with pesky chemicals that do more harm than good. How about using potent plant medicine? Using Neil Naturopathic has definitely stepped up my hair-washing experience. I can feel the herbs nourishing my scalp and oils feeding my hair. I love the earthy smell and the fact that there are no toxins. There's a tingling alive feeling to using Neil Naturopathic. My hair feels shiny and luscious and thicker and actually looks even better a few days later when my hair has absorbed the product's oils.
~ Maryam Henein,
Director of Vanishing of the Bees and HoneyColony,
an online health and wellness magazine and marketplace

My son has had ringworm for almost a year and within 3 weeks of using Neil Naturopathic Root & Scalp Formula it’s gone!  We’ve been trying almost everything, and this was it and so quickly.  It deserves promotion. Big time.
~ Amy L.

I was gifted with a Neil Naturopathic shampoo and conditioner set for the holidays. Lovely packaging ~ My bathroom fills with a positively symphonic aroma each time I wash my hair. I love that!  Having used the products many times now, my hair feels at its best all the time. It’s in a more beautiful state of integrity. I couldn’t ask for more.
~ Mary Jo S.

I lived with the constant discomfort of an inflamed, flaky scalp since I was a child. For decades, I tried prescription and holistic products searching for relief. Dr. Neil’s Naturopathic Treatment Shampoo has done the impossible. After a few uses, my scalp is completely healed and my hair is refreshed and strengthened. I am so grateful to have a happy and healthy scalp again. Thank you Dr. Neil
~ Alana J.

I am an avid runner and have to wash my hair daily, leaving my scalp greasy in some areas and dry in others.  For years I have tried different shampoos that claim to minimize oil and remove residue, but I haven't found anything that really works.  I'll shampoo in the morning and my hair is already oily by the end of the day.  I recently started using Neil Naturopathic's Acceleration Formula shampoo and WOW!  It feels like I just left the salon after every wash - my scalp feels so clean and my hair looks fresh the entire day.  I also love the aroma.  It's very calming, which means a lot to a native New Yorker.  I am excited to try their line of conditioners now that I have the oil under control.
Kasey K.


Makes a difference. I’ve got scalp psoriasis and it’s a daily battle so when Bill Maher promoted this, I thought hey if it’s good enough for Bill it’s probably pretty good. I’ve tried a ton of different products and medications. After about 2 weeks it’s pretty clear this is the best shampoo/conditioner I’ve come across. The effects on your scalp are lasting and it feels phenomenal after using. It’s expensive but a small price to pay for something that actually helps battle psoriasis. Would definitely recommend. Thanks Neil and Bill!
~ Samuel C.

My scalp feels alive! I feel like I have an ecosystem on my head. For the first time.
Carly Z.

I used it today and I LOVE my hair ♥️♥️ It feels so healthy, shiny and soft and it smells HEAVENLY!!! Sending the link to my friends
~ Anjulie P.

Amazing! My hair and scalp feel more alive than ever and a little goes a long way.
~ David V.

My scalp is definitely better, I hope with more time it will make my hair look healthier. Thanks to Bill Maher for recommending this product.

~ Gabriel G.

Love this bundle. This is the best shampoo for fine hair -- I love it so much. Plus this conditioner is lightweight, I leave a little bit in when I am rinsing out and it keeps my hair frizz free and conditioned. I really love these products.
~ Nicole R.

Relief. Thank you! My dry scalp is healing and I hope for even more improvement in the coming months.
~ C.L.