We thought the Mini-NN sample set was the best way for you to try Neil Naturopathic. Your purchase of Mini-NN qualifies you for a $20 credit towards a full-size bundle set of Neil Naturopathic products, to be used within 30 days of your original purchase.

There are two shampoos and two conditioners in this Mini-NN set, each containing a holistic synergy of naturopathic ingredients, sourced from all over the world for their detoxifying and nourishing properties.

Shampoo  |  ROOT & SCALP FORMULA Formulated to help reduce scalp irritation and inflammation that causes dandruff, seborrhoea dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema and other scalp conditions. Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Microbial, Anti-Fungal, and Anti-Inflammatory while also being gentle, nourishing and strengthening to the hair.

Shampoo  |  ACCELERATION FORMULA For all types of hair, including colored hair. Nourishes and strengthens the entire head of hair, scalp, roots and hair shaft, creating a healthy environment for hair growth.

Conditioner  | RESTORATIVE FORMULA Normal to Dry Hair. A heavyweight restorative conditioner as well as a deep-conditioning treatment mask to rejuvenate damaged and chemically treated hair. Balances the pH, revives elasticity, nourishes and protects.

Conditioner  |  FINISHING FORMULA Lightweight Fine or Thin Hair. A Lightweight Conditioning Formula that delivers deep conditioning for fine or thin hair. Can be used as a leave-in conditioner as well as styling or finishing cream. With consistent use, our 100% from nature formulas will restore your scalp biome to its natural healthy state and give you the hair you’ve always wanted… healthy, shiny, and full of life.


I’ve tried a ton of different products and medications. After about 2 weeks it’s pretty clear this is the best shampoo/conditioner I’ve come across. The effects on your scalp are lasting and it feels phenomenal after using.
Samuel C., Verified Customer

My son has had ringworm for almost a year and within 3 weeks of using Neil Naturopathic Root & Scalp Formula it’s gone!  We’ve been trying almost everything, and this was it and so quickly.  It deserves promotion. Big time.
Amy L.
, Verified Customer

Using Neil Naturopathic has definitely stepped up my hair-washing experience. I can feel the herbs nourishing my scalp and oils feeding my hair. I love the earthy smell and the fact that there are no toxins. There's a tingling alive feeling to using Neil Naturopathic. My hair feels shiny and luscious and thicker and actually looks even better a few days later when my hair has absorbed the product's oils.
Maryam Henein, Director of Vanishing of the Bees and HoneyColony

My bathroom fills with a positively symphonic aroma each time I wash my hair. I love that!  Having used the products many times now, my hair feels at its best all the time. It’s in a more beautiful state of integrity. I couldn’t ask for more.
Mary Jo S., Verified Customer

I lived with the constant discomfort of an inflamed, flaky scalp since I was a child. For decades, I tried prescription and holistic products searching for relief. Dr. Neil’s Naturopathic Treatment Shampoo has done the impossible. After a few uses, my scalp is completely healed and my hair is refreshed and strengthened. I am so grateful to have a happy and healthy scalp again. Thank you Dr. Neil
Alana J., Verified Customer

I recently started using Neil Naturopathic's Acceleration Formula shampoo and WOW!  It feels like I just left the salon after every wash - my scalp feels so clean and my hair looks fresh the entire day.  I also love the aroma.  It's very calming, which means a lot to a native New Yorker. I am excited to try their line of conditioners now that I have the oil under control.
Kasey K., Verified Customer

“Your hair, root and scalp function much like the seed and soil of a plant in the garden of nature. As in nature, the richer and more nourished the soil, and the stronger the root, the healthier and more luxuriant the plant. The same is true with the hair and scalp, without the proper nourishment and care both will suffer.”
Julian Neil, Founder & CEO, Neil Naturopathic