Why Neil Naturopathic conditioner is different from all the others

Neil Naturopathic conditioners are different from other conditioners on the market, they are absorbed into the hair rather than just coating it.  Most commercial conditioners use a waxy chemical coating - usually some chemical like Behentrimonium chloride-- to coat the hair, detangle it, and have anti-static properties, which can give the illusion that the hair is conditioned, but it comes with the risk of toxicity, allergic reactions on the skin, and most important the problem of build-up on both the hair and scalp. That build-up can harden on the scalp, choking, blocking, and impeding the growth and health of the hair follicle and root, causing more detrimental conditions—short-term gain for permanent loss.

Neil Naturopathic conditioners absorb into the hair so your hair takes how much it needs and how much the hair can absorb at one time.  This idea follows throughout nature.  When we water and feed a plant, the plant and roots can only absorb the amount of water and nutrients possible at that time—on a potted plant we can see the excess water drain through. It is important that the conditioner absorbs into the hair, because it relaxes the hair shaft itself, smoothing any rough edges and allowing the hair to absorb the finest botanical nutrients, proteins and conditioning agents, that Nature has to offer, which are bountiful in each of our conditioners.  As a result, debris doesn’t cling to the hair, and the hair doesn’t become limp and lifeless because it’s coated with something that’s weighing it down. Both conditioners balance the PH of the hair and scalp, both conditioners restore hair’s natural shine, bounce, strength, and curl.  Further, because Neil Naturopathic conditioners contain no heavy toxic chemicals or waxy coatings, they actually moisturize and condition the scalp, and root, when applied, as well as the hair shaft itself.

Top 3 Ingredients for Conditioning the hair:

Apricot Kernel Oil:

Used to soften, hydrate, nourish and rejuvenate the skin and scalp while stimulating the growth of thicker, longer, stronger and more elastic hair.

Marshmallow Root Extract:

Used to help promote hair growth as it contains a high content of plant proteins and vitamins, which also helps to reduce split ends, and hair breakage. 

Shea Butter:

Used for its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antibacterial properties, UV protection, cell regeneration and oil balance. 

There are two conditioning tonics available by Neil Naturopathic that can be used for all types of hair, including color-treated hair. The Restorative Formula is a deep conditioning tonic, and the Finishing Formula is a lightweight conditioner, used especially on fine or thin hair. Both conditioners contain the same ingredients but in different proportions so they produce different conditioning effects.  The Finishing Formula is also specifically designed to be used as a leave-in styling cream. 

Conditioning Tips:

  • Leave the conditioner on the hair and give it time to absorb.
  • For very dry and fried hair, try double conditioning. Allow the conditioner to absorb into the hair and then wash it out and then re-apply and rinse out a second time.
  • Try shampooing just with our Finishing Formula.
  • The Finishing Formula is also a leave-in styling cream
  • No need to wash the conditioners totally out. They will dry and continue conditioning your hair if you leave some residual for later.