This plant helps hair regrowth!

Meet Stinging Nettle. This herb had been used in many places around the world for centuries for it's healing properties.

What makes Stinging Nettle such a vital force in supporting hair growth and hair regrowth is the way the vitamins, minerals and other bioactive compounds support and strengthen the scalp's hair follicles.

The powerhouse mix of these good nutrients have amazing benefits like:
🌟Follicle stimulation & hair growth
🌟Supporting cellular function
🌟Increased blood flow and circulation
🌟Decreased inflammation
🌟Increased flow of oxygen
🌟Detoxification of hair cells
🌟Prevention of hair loss (and even potentially balding)
🌟Antioxidant benefits reducing free radicals
🌟Scalp calming
🌟Promotion of healthy gene function in hair follicles
🌟Prevention/slowing of hair thinning at the scalp
🌟Fighting bad bacteria
🌟Cleansing & detoxifying
🌟Regenerating hair cells
🌟Preventing hair follicle cell death

Both the Root & Scalp Formula and the Accelration Formula contain Nettle Leaf Extract and we get reviews that people definitely see hair growth or regrowth... try it out today!

P.S. Diet tip for those concerned with hair loss - make sure your sodium intake isn't too high. If it is, your potassium is likely too low, which restricts blood flow to the scalp and decreases the amount of potassium that gets to the hair follicles.