Over half of you is not you…

Over 100 trillion organisms make up over half of the cells in the ecosystem of you.
Yep, over half of you is not… you.
But is.
And the best part about this beautiful ecosystem is that nature designed it and knows how to keep it - keep you - healthy and in balance. Basically, your body and your microbiome were designed to heal you.
But, here's where things have gotten tricky... (and really only in the last 75-100 years) if we're constantly layering, absorbing and ingesting toxic chemicals - from "beauty" products, processed/pesticide-laden foods, and who-knows-what in the air - then that balance is so much harder to achieve and maintain.
Our bodies and our itty-bitty buggy buddies will always work towards healing and balance... but if you pave over even the richest soil you're only going to get a few weeds and dandelions peeking through the cracks... instead of a lush field of wildflowers and flowing grasses.
This is true for the scalp microbiome, even moreso than other microbiome systems in our bodies because the function of hair is to filter and protect. Layer on products filled with antibacterials and stripping soaps and it's no wonder an estimated 50% of the global population experiences dandruff... (and that's just one of many scalp microbiome imbalances causing scalp discomfort and degraded hair!)
We want to help clean up the environment in your hair and scalp to make way for nature to take its course, heal, and find balance in this vital microbiome of yours. We want to be friends with your itty-bitty buggy buddies too! This is where Neil Naturopathics Tonics for Hair and Scalp come in. Our specially formulated tonics are 100% from nature and designed to support, heal, and nourish the ecosystem of you.