Healthy Hair Activation | Day 14

Find the joy. Play. This makes life meaningful and the challenges so much more bearable.

Play with pets.
Play with children.

Play games.
Play sports.

Laughter: What makes you laugh? Seek it out. A Neflix comedy special? Awesome. Telling ""dad"" jokes to your kids? Do it!

Music: Scientifically proven to alter the brain. What makes you want to dance? What makes you feel happy? Listen to it!

Relaxed social time: Who can you really relax around and just be you and talk open and honestly? Talk with them, even if it's over zoom.

Sex: positive sexuality, and safe, sexual engagement, builds you up!

Manners: Seems an odd focus when it comes to talking about joyfyl, life-giving activities, but manners are how we show other people we respect and care for them. In doing so, we connect more closely, and we show ourselves respect.

Ethics: When you know that you've done the right thing, you open yourself up to joy and peace.