The skin is the third and largest (the bowel and kidney being one & two) eliminative channel in the body.  A minimum of two pounds of waste material is eliminated every day through the skin.  This is especially important for the scalp, which has it’s own unique biome and is where the hair root is embedded.  This places an additional burden on the scalp which perspires and sheds more than most places in the skin, by virtue of the fact we lose the most heat out of the top of the head (especially during summer) and also because the scalp has to bring additional nutrients, oxygen, and hydration to the hair root, which increases the need to also remove more waste. The hair acts as a protectorate for the eyes, ears, nose and mouth by sweeping the environment of air born toxins, and those toxins coupled with the already heavy burden placed on the scalp make it a potentially dangerous breeding ground of toxic material. 


A regular scalp massage provides increased blood circulation to the scalp while exfoliating dead skin cells and built-up product this increases the luster and beauty of the hair and promotes increased hair growth in the scalp..  We are all aware that massages are equated with relaxation, deep feelings of wellness and general health.  Studies have proven that a massage specifically focusing on the head and scalp reduces stress, and improves mental health and wellbeing. This benefit is credited to the release of serotonin, a hormone involved in mood regulation and reduction of stress hormones like cortisol, which can lead to hair loss.

Neil Naturopathic makes an organic green sandalwood scalp massager to increase the many benefits of a regular scalp massage.   We recommend our massager over just your fingertips as it’s the gentlest most effective way to exfoliate the scalp while targeting and stimulating the specific range of acupressure points to improve blood circulation and encourage a healthy scalp.

Studies from 2016 and then again in 2019 confirmed that regular scalp massages stimulated the hair follicle to grow more strands per root and those strands were both thicker and stronger.  The soft rounded tips of our massager won’t nick or damage even wounded scalps, and they stimulate and distribute the scalp’s natural sebum production.  It is our own sebum that is antimicrobial and antibacterial for the hair and scalp while also providing valuable nutrients. Using our massager, removes any debris that might have collected which further reduces dandruff and an itchy scalp. In addition, studies have proven that regular massaging of the head and scalp brings benefits to the entire central nervous system by optimizing your body’s natural healing abilities and bringing better harmony and balance to the body.