An Introduction to Neil Naturopathic

I’m often asked why Neil Naturopathic Shampoos and Conditioners are called tonics. A tonic means a medicinal formula that provides vigor and well being, and that’s exactly what my formulas are. They are a holistic synergy of naturopathic ingredients that do much more than just cleanse and condition. They detoxify, they purify, they nourish, and they feed both the hair and the scalp and it’s microbiome. 

Your body - and specifically each cell in your body - is always going through two processes: It’s always going through a process of elimination, which is detoxification. And it is always going through a process of rebuilding or nourishing. So, when it comes to your hair and scalp, we need to support these functions rather than inhibit them. That’s what our tonics are designed to do.

I've developed two shampoo tonics and two conditioning tonics. And because every formula is made 100% from nature, it has a very unique look and feel. The cleansing ingredients in the shampoos are derived from plant based surfactants, not chemicals. The colors of the shampoos and conditioners come from natural, raw ingredients rather than artificial colors or dyes. I use essential oils rather than use perfumes or fragrances. And they're more than just aroma. Every essential oil has a therapeutic function. Every ingredient has a therapeutic function. 

And so most important, Neil Naturopathic products follow nature’s way that health and nutrition are cumulative, and so the more you use our shampoos and conditioning tonics the healthier your hair becomes, the better it feels, the healthier it looks, the shinier it is, it’s more flourishing and full of life. 

--Julian Neil