Palmarosa Oil

Palmarosa essential oil is a sweet smelling grass that has a scent similar to the rose flower.  The plant is native to India but is able to grow in a variety of conditions and thus is globally popular for mass production.   Palmarosa oil is a rich source of geraniol, which is one of the plant’s main active ingredients.  Geraniol acts as a natural repellant for flies, mosquitos, and spiders, and prevents them from biting.  This same compound ironically is produced in the scent glands of bees and allows them to mark and pollinate specific flowers or wax cells.  Palmarosa oil is also rich in linalool and limonene, which are essential compounds to promote and create strong healthy hair.  Linalool is one of the main beneficial properties of Vitamin E, and therefore has powerful antioxidant properties.   In addition, it aids in removing excess oil or dead skin cells that can gather on the scalp and nourishes your hair from the roots to the tips making the follicles stronger and with more elasticity.  The combination of linalool and limonene is incredibly helpful in preventing hair loss and even encouraging hair growth in men.  Hair loss is often attributed to the chemical known as 5 alpha reductase commonly found in middle-aged men.  The body converts testosterone into the 5 alpha-reductase chemical when it comes in contact with the roots of the hair.  When this builds up in the pores of the scalp it can stunt hair growth and eventually lead to hair loss.  Limonene is considered a strong inhibitor of the 5 alpha reductase chemical thereby preventing blockage of the pores, and allowing the conditioning agents of the linalool to penetrate, moisturize and feed the hair root as well as the follicles specifically.  Palmarosa oil works as a natural regulator of the scalp’s sebum production and adds more volume without frizzing or drying your hair.   Further, the linalool treats wounds, sores, rashes, acne, and along with the other antibacterial and antimicrobial agents penetrates deeply into the scalp to help heal eczema, psoriasis, and reduce irritation and inflammation.  The limonene also has antiseptic properties that protect the hair and scalp from harmful free radicals from air pollutants and exhaust fumes.  As aromatherapy, Palmarosa oil fights depression, anxiety, anger and fatigue while relaxing the muscles and nerves.