Marshmallow Root

Marshmallow is a plant native to Africa and certain parts of Europe that has been used for centuries to prepare herbal treatments.  It has been used for nearly 3000 years as a folk remedy both in ancient Greece and Eygpt.  It is a water loving plant that grows on the banks of rivers and salt marshes, hence the name marshmallow.  Marshmallow is a natural mucilage, which means it acts like soft fibers and swells up with contact with water.  This mucilage binds with hair proteins and makes the hair strands thicker and stronger.  It has proven to make the hair smoother, silkier, increase manageability and restore luster and bounce.  It is best known for its effectiveness at keeping hair well conditioned and its use to provide slip and detangle naturally curly hair.  Marshmallow root contains vitamins along with proteins making it a great scalp moisturizer as well and allowing the mucilage to provides a protective film, which has been proven effective on healing eczema, psoriasis, and dry scalp.  Research data has also shown marshmallow root to be an effective treatment for reducing hair breakage and prolonging the growth cycle of hair.